Dr. Stella Ozigi-Adagiri (
Director Portsbridge Educational Services )


It is always exciting and fulfilling when reflecting on activities and achievements made since the last edition of our newsletter. As we remain focused on our vision to bridge gaps that we have identified in the education sector, Portsbridge has recorded tremendous progress by providing incredible opportunities to develop the skills, abilities and competencies of educators, whilst encouraging collaboration amongst schools. In the last 12 months, there were more collaborative opportunities with local and international organisations, individual engagements with schools and general training programs, which cuts across different sectors.  I am sure you will find this edition quite insightful and interesting as you go through the content. Also take a peep into all that happened in the last school year/session 2018/2019 and few articles we have included this time around. Enjoy and keep following us as we update you with our programs.

All About Teachers

Portsbridge Educational services created an excellent forum for teachers to round off the session of 2018, in a relaxing environment, to reflect and review plans for their future. It has always been a huge concern that teachers, who work so hard by investing time and resources in raising our children are often not able to afford quality education and good schools for their own children. This is because their take home cannot meet some of their basic needs and desires. Hence, it is pertinent that they have the knowledge and understanding on how to develop a personal empowerment, post retirement plans, and other sources or   multiple streams of income. This free seminar was facilitated by experts in the business and investment industry such as Mr. Sam Obafemi, Ms Catherine Enaohwo and an experienced veteran education consultant Mr. Solomon Manford, who spoke on managing stress as a teacher. Participants were encouraged to cultivate the habit of investment in ventures they understand and can easily access. Facilitators suggested businesses that teachers can be involved in because, the relevance of having multiple streams of income cannot be overemphasized. All participants were very encouraged and motivated as they shared experiences and asked questions about business ideas.            

Strengthening Teachers Capacity (STC) Workshop

STC is a capacity building program for teachers which is often organised termly by Portsbridge Educational Services. The training which was held in September 2018, had in attendance, teachers from a private school in Sokoto and across Abuja. It was hosted by Raberto Schools in Abuja. The workshop focused extensively on how to use the blooms taxonomy to drive assessments, which is a key component teachers use in their classrooms. It focused on questioning methods and different cognitive levels of thinking, by providing details at the level of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Mr. Olufemi Fola of Teachers Without Limits, taught participants how to make planning, teaching and assessment more impactful in their various classrooms. The early years practitioners held their own interactive hands on workshop, which showed teachers practical ways in which the EYFS is embedded in the curriculum. It was a very insightful and interesting session.

Management and Leadership Training (MALT) in Nigeria organized by Portsbridge

A fundamental part of the success criteria of any effective school is the quality of its Leadership and Management aspect, which is an area of priority in training programs developed by Portsbridge Educational Services. The MALT program was attended by senior management members of various schools in Abuja, comprising of Head of Schools, Administrators, Directors, Managers and Consultants. The training focused on Sustainability and Effective Leadership. Participants were encouraged to embrace CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, COLLABORATION AND CRITICAL THINKING as qualities needed for transformational leadership in the 21st century.


The most visible and pertinent evidence of instructional leadership is RESULT as outlined by Dr. Smith Bam, one of the resource persons. He also stressed that it is the qualities enumerated above that makes an instructional leader and not the school a leader attended. He said once the curriculum is structured in such a way to enhance those qualities, then a leader is bound to produce excellent results which will be able to impact and influence the people following. Dr. Kokori, a brain based consultant, spoke on the need for Leaders to understand how the brain works which will help them lead and supervise teachers to be more effective in their pedagogical skills. A veteran head of school Mr Don Turkson from an old private school in Ilorin (AAMS), shared from his expertise of over 35 years in same school, his perspective on sustainability, and emphasised on the importance of developing a conducive environment for teachers.

Capacity Building Training in Kaduna and Owerri-September 2019

It was indeed an expository and enlightening training session as Portsbridge Educational Services in a bid to fulfil one of its goal to reach out to individual schools embarked on a journey to train teachers of Little Scholars School in Kaduna and Pearville International School, Owerri.  The training focused on; Effective pedagogical skills and teacher effectiveness in the class, Identification and Management of childhood behavioural disorders, Management of Drug and Sexual Abuse cases, Psychological First Aid and STEM focused approach to teaching. The training also incorporated case studies, interactive and problem solving sessions.


Youth Leadership Summit

As part of our corporate social responsibility towards youth development, Portsbridge held its maiden edition of the Youth Leadership Summit for public and private school prefects in Abuja in November 2018. The aim of the summit was to build their capacity on the core principles of leadership and create a platform to develop a new breed of future leaders with character, competence and compassion for the nation’s development. The essence of the  leadership summit is to begin to inculcate good leadership qualities and values amongst teenagers to serve as a Panacea for raising ‘distinguished future Leaders’ and to encourage strategic thinking and substantive knowledge of leadership and governance in Nigeria. The students had interactive breakout sessions where they discussed contemporary issues affecting youth for example: Illicit sex, corruption and poor leadership, drug & substance abuse, cultism and peer pressure.

They discussed these issues in their various groups and gave presentations with emphasis on causes, effects and possible remedies. This activity encouraged critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity.  

Samson Itodo, Founder of YIAGA Africa and the forerunner of the Not Too Young To Run Campaign, gave the key note address and encouraged the youth to develop core 21st century skills, think entrepreneurially and be willing to volunteer to gain experience after school whilst awaiting employment.

Portsbridge coordinates Commonwealth of Education Trust CET (UK) Online Training course for Teachers in Nigeria

Portsbridge Educational Services in collaboration with Learning Tech Global Ventures coordinated and provided the technical support required to run an online course developed by the Commonwealth of Education Trust (CET) UK i.e The Foundations of Teaching for Learning, using a blended learning approach. The program lasted 6 weeks incorporating face to face discussion sessions, as well as online videos, essays, quizzes and technical support provided. The pilot session was held in two phases, to see how support provided can improve completion rates. This course was developed by experts in the education sector, comprising of four modules which include:

  • Being a Teacher ,
  • Thinking about thinking,
  • Assessment the Curriculum,
  • How good is your classroom?

The FTL course is aimed at developing the capacity of teachers to deliver effective and engaging lessons to their classes in an easy and conducive way.

Teachers from AAMC Ilorin with their CET certificates

About 25 teachers from different schools in and around the FCT, Benue, and Kwara state completed the program and received certificated awarded by the CET UK. This is about 90% completion rate out of those who originally registered. It is believed that learners will be better equipped to face the future as they are taught by self-reflective teachers who are motivated to improve their own teaching practice. With the blended learning, there are opportunities to reach a wider group of teachers especially in the suburbs and public schools.

Early Years Practitioners Workshop January 2019


The Early Years Practitioners (EYP) Program, had over 60 participants from about seventeen schools from within and outside the FCT in attendance. Dr. Stella Ozigi-Adagiri in her opening remark reiterated the need and importance of Continuous Professional Development for teachers. Some of the impactful sessions during the training were on Risk Management in Care Environment session, First Aid for Children, how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, understanding a Child’s Temperament, which are all very important areas of knowledge for caregivers. adults and parents. Laraba Shown Foundation demonstrated how to administer CPR, a very important First Aid knowledge for every Early Years Practitioners. Dr. Katrina Korb an Associate Professor from the Department of Psychology, University of Jos Nigeria, gave an insightful lecture on ‘’Celebrating Young Children: A Paradigm Shift in Early Childhood Care and Education’’ she spoke on the stages of children development which includes: Cognitive, Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual and Character. She emphasized that all caregivers and minders should endeavour to be holistic in their approach as all these areas of development are supposed to be catered for by practitioners in the Early Childhood Education.

 Dr Stella. Ozigi Adagiri with Facilitators at the Early Years Workshop

Free Training for Teachers of Unilorin Secondary School

Portsbridge team led by Dr. Stella Ozigi Adagiri organised a training for teachers in Unilorin Secondary School Ilorin Kwara state (her almamata.) on the 6th of May 2019. This was an initiative of the class of 1988 which she was a part of. This was a way of giving back to the school where she was educated at secondary level.  This was the first of its kind as asserted by the Principal and they look forward to having more of such, as it was a rear practice according to feedback from most teachers. The topic was on the Effective Pedagogical skills in a 21st century classroom and Being an effective teacher, which they found very impactful and enlightening. Dr. Stella also took out sometime to give a motivational talk to the students which she described as an amazing experience for the students and a fulfilling opportunity for her, as this was the first time of visiting the school since she graduated in 1988. Different gestures often come in various forms from alumni however, this was the first of its kind.

Training session for teachers at Unilorin Secondary School

Dr. Stella Ozigi- Adagiri speaking to the Students of Unilorin Secondary School


Portsbridge Educational Services, with support from the University of Sussex UK, held the annual Exposure Conference on “Rethinking Teaching and Learning: Developments, Problems and prospects” in Rockview Hotel Abuja, from 7th-8th of June, 2019.

The Conference had about 80 educators from across Nigeria, experienced education experts, development partners and researchers.  The resource persons were Dr. Katrina Korb, Dr. Modupe Olateju, Mrs. Carol Barlow and Mr. Franklin Adjetey.

The high level conversation projected and harnessed innovations and best practices that are evidence based and crucial drivers of increased educational development in Nigeria. Partners from World Bank and University of Portsmouth in their goodwill messages encouraged

Dr. Stella Ozigi-Adagiri, the Director of Portsbridge Educational Services, to remain steadfast in improving the standard of teachers’ continuous professional development. Dr. Adekola from World bank stressed the need for robust collaboration between the three tiers of government, NGOs and private sectors to bridge the existing gaps in the educational sector. He further expressed the willingness of world bank to partner with individuals and organizations like Portsbridge Educational Services on project, such as the Exposure Conference to fine tune the educational sector of Nigeria.