The Early Years Practitioners (EYP) Program organized by Portsbridge Educational Services, took place on the 26th of January, 2019. The training had over 60 participants from about seventeen schools from within and outside the FCT in attendance. While giving the opening remarks, the Director of Portsbridge Educational Services, Dr. Stella Ozigi-Adagiri reiterated the need for Continuous Professional Development for teachers because it build their capacity towards best practices, which amplifies the effect on Educational sector.

Dr. Stella Ozigi-Adagiri

Some of the impactful sessions during the training were on Risk Management in Care Environment session, First Aid for Children, how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Understanding a Child’s Temperament, which are all very important tools not just for Caregivers but also for adults and parents. This session was taken by Ms. Aishatu from Shown foundation. She shared practical life saving skills and expertise that can be applied by Caregivers in case of life threatening situations and emergencies in the course of work. Participants were taught how to administer CPR, a very important First Aid knowledge for every Early Years Practitioner .

During the Story Telling session

Dr. Katrina Korb an Associate Professor from the Department of Psychology, University of Jos Nigeria, gave an insightful lecture on ‘’Celebrating Young Children: A Paradigm Shift in Early Childhood Care and Education’’ she spoke on the stages of children development which includes: Cognitive, Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual and Character. She emphasized that all caregivers and minders should endeavour to be holistic in their approach as all these areas of development are supposed to be catered for by practitioners in the Early Childhood Education. She also stressed that the most important skill that children at this age need is,to get good Communication, which makes language development very easy at that age. She also encouraged participants to always cultivate the habit of using different kinds of play (block play, guided play and water play) to enhance learning as play method is the most rewarding method as far as teaching and learning in the Early Years section is concerned.

Dr. Stella Ozigi-Adagiri, Dr. Katrina Korb and Aisha Ella, Facilitators at the EYP.

Participants at the EYP

There was also the activities session where Mrs. Alonge led all the delegates present in exploring different hands-on materials which makes teaching and learning fun in the Early Years section. There was also the story telling session which took place in a village setting, created for the training by teachers from Raberto School.