Abuja, 28th September, 2018, Porstbridge Educational Services  organised  a Management and Leadership Training programme. The training which had representatives (Head of Schools, School Administrators, School Managers, Consultants, Representative from the Department of Quality Assurance etc. from the education sector in the Federal Capital Territory in attendance was very strategic and timely. The convener of the training, Dr. Stella Adagiri Director of Portsbridge Educational Services expressed her joy at the participants’ turnout because her passion centers on strengthening and encouraging collaboration for sustainability and sharing best practices in the field of education.  This training was not an exception as it had veterans and millennials in various aspects and fields of education in attendance to facilitate different sections.

Dr. Stella During the Training

participants during practical session


cross section of participants

Dr. Abdul Kokori a Mental Productivity Consultant, Certified Brained Based Trainer and Certified Thinking Instructor (CTI) spoke on ‘’Understanding Leadership with the Brain in Mind”, a topic which opened the eyes of the education leaders to the relationship between leadership and the brain. He complained about how a lot of people who are in leadership don’t know how the brain function despite the fact that it is the most important denominator as far as leadership is concerned because creativity, innovation, critical thinking which are at the base of good leadership are fruits of a functioning and productive brain.

Dr. Kokori during his session

Dr. Smith Bam, an educational psychologist with over 2 decades of experience and author of 26 books spoke on Instructional Leadership. He laid emphasis on how bad leadership have spoiled the educational sector in Nigeria and how the school system in Nigeria is not structured to produce leaders and out of the box thinkers because our curriculum and the system and pattern in our schools enhance the qualities needed for transformational leadership in the 21st century. The qualities are CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, COLLABORATION AND CRITICAL THINKING. He also reiterated that the most visible and pertinent evidence of instructional leadership is RESULT. A leader who is not producing the right result cannot instruct the followers.

Dr. Smith Bam during his presentation


Dr. Smith and Dr. Stella Adagiri

Mr. Turkson, a veteran School Leader spoke on how he remained consistent in managing and leading a school for over 35 years. He answered many questions that border on leadership and management. He stated that school proprietors should look for people who will align themselves with the vision. He also had words of advice for emerging school leaders, administrators and consultants that     were present. He stressed the importance of having a cordial relationship with your staff and treating them well. It was a great privilege and honor to have someone like him in such training as it provided leverage and mentoring for everyone present.

Mr. Turson during his presentation