“Exposure Conference 2018”

Rockview (Royale) Hotel, Wuse II,Abuja, 31st May, 2018 – The theme “Learning through sharing best practice for sustainable development in education”

Stakeholders gather together to focus on collaboration in a competitive education market; quality paradigms in different educational contexts; developing confident and successful teachers
and learners.

Critical thinking, leadership abilities, social responsibilities and practicals are listed by stakeholders as majors standards that must be put in place to ensure that the quality of education made available to the Nigerian child meets
global standards.

Dr Stell-Ozigi Adagiri said “There is need for more collaboration between schools leveraging on the strengths of one another with support structures, as this can trigger a huge change within the Nigeria education sector with benefit
to the children”

“There should be less emphasis on examination and more on education probel qualities, mentorship among others to strengthen both the quality
of education and the graduates produced” said Dr. Katrina
Korb; one of the faciltator.